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Research Publication Ethics

Ethical Responsibilities of Authors

By submitting your paper to Educational Technology International, you are agreeing to originality checks during the peer-review and production processes. The Journal will conduct a plagiarism check using Turnitin or a similar plagiarism system. If any plagiarism is found during the check process, the manuscript will be returned to the authors. 

Educational Technology International follows the Ethics Regulations of the Korean Society for Educational Technology (KSET):


The publication regulations by KSET also apply to Educational Technology International:


 In principle, the authors should follow the rules of good scientific practice, including:

  • The manuscript should not be submitted to more than one journal for simultaneous consideration.
  • The submitted work should be original and should not have been published elsewhere in any form or language (partially or in full), unless the new work concerns an expansion of previous work.
  • A single study should not be split up into several parts to increase the quantity of submissions and submitted to various journals or to one journal over time (i.e. ‘salami-slicing/publishing’).
  • Results should be presented clearly, honestly, and without fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation (including image based manipulation).

If there is suspicion of misbehavior or alleged fraud, the Journal will carry out an investigation. If, after investigation, there are valid concerns, the author(s) concerned will be contacted under their given e-mail address and given an opportunity to address the issue. 

Copyright Transfer & Conflict of Interest

Copyright for papers published in Educational Technology International may be attributed to the Korean Society for Educational Technology (KSET) through the prescribed procedure. When publishing a manuscript, the author shall submit the signed consent of copyright transfer/conflict of interest (attached below) to KSET.

Consent of Copyright Transfer/Conflict of Interest.pdf


Supplemental Materials

Please submit two supplemental materials when submitting your manuscript.

Korean Version

Application for Thesis.docx

Confirmation of Compliance with Research Ethics Regulations.docx

English Version

Application for Thesis_Eng.docx

Confirmation of Compliance with Research Ethics Regulations_Eng.docx



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