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eISSN : 2799-4252
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Send all submissions to the following address:


or e-mail[idaos@daejin.ac.kr] 

Jason GREENBERGER, Managing Editor

Journal of Daesoon Thought and the Religions of East Asia

Daejin Edu. Building 403, 1007 Hoguk Road, Pocheon-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 11159, Republic of Korea.

Further information can be obtained via website (www.jdre.org),

telephone [+82-31-539-2523].


Books for review should also be sent to Review Editor's email adress.

Holly.Folk@gmail.com .

JDTREA does not guarantee review of unsolicited books.

All papers featured in JDTREA are also accessible in PDF format at: http://jdre.org

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