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eISSN : 2765-768X
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Author's Guide


Article Type


Review Process


Research Article

Original reports of studies conducted on any topic related to public diplomacy. Research articles may be conceptual, theory-building, or empirical. They may also discuss methodological or pedagogical aspects of public diplomacy.

Double-blind peer review

6000–9000 words including references

Policy Article

Articles addressing public diplomacy policy issues based on scholarly study.

Double-blind peer-reviewed

4000–6000 words including references

Research Note

Short overviews of the findings of ongoing research projects.

Reviewed by editors

2000–3000 words


A collection of discussion pieces on current topics related to public diplomacy.

Reviewed by editors

5–8 articles of 2000–3000 words

Practitioner Essay

Commentaries by current or former public diplomacy policymakers and practitioners.

Reviewed by editors

2000–4000 words

Book Review and Review Essay

Reviews of recently published books. Book reviews could appraise an individual book or evaluate several books in one essay.

Reviewed by editors

700–1000 words (single book)

2000–3000 words (review essay spanning several books)



Style Guide

JPD welcomes free-formatted papers in any consistently applied reference style for the initial submissions. However, accepted papers must adhere to the following formatting and referencing style:

  • Spacing: Single-spaced
  • Alignment: Justified
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12
  • Margins: 1-inch margins on all sides
  • Indentation: All paragraphs begin with 0.3" indentation in the first line
  • Spacing before/ after paragraphs. before: 0, after: 8 pts
  • Footnotes: same as main text
  • Notes: Please use minimal footnotes, not endnotes, for research and policy articles. Footnotes should not be used for any other manuscript types unless absolutely necessary.
  • Abstract: Research articles, policy articles, and research notes must include abstracts and at least keywords after the title of the article. Other types of manuscripts should not include abstracts or keywords.
  • Headings: First-level headings must be inscribed in bold type. Second-level headings must be typed using both bold and italics as emphases. Third-level headings must be italicized. Headings should not be numbered.
  • Quotations: Use double quotation marks for directly cited text, followed by in-text citations with page numbers if possible. Long quotations or more than 40 words must be indented in a new paragraph without quotation marks.
  • Referencing: Please use APA 7th Edition for in-text citations and the references placed as a separate section at the end of the manuscript.

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