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The Society of Korean Medicine is an academic research organization of Korean medicine, consisting of a total of fifty nine member societies (forty four member societies and fifteen associate member societies). The Association of Korean Oriental Medicine works to protect the rights and interests of members in policy and system's point of view. The Society of Korean Medicine performs overall academic, educational, and research activities of Korean medicine.

The Society of Korean Medicine has been putting many efforts for the globalization of Korean medicine. As the going says ‘what is Korean is the most international’, Korean medicine is the most suitable for globalization. Korean medicine is ready to stand parallel with western medicine not only as preventive medicine but also as treatment medicine, that is EBM (evidence-based medicine). Further academic infrastructure for Korean medicine should be well built to support the roles of Korean medicine.

Of the major researches of the society, the enactment study on technical terminology of Korean medicine is near completion of standardization. This will be globalized via the policies of WHO (World health organization). Also under study is the standardization of Korean medical treatment procedures. Standardized coding study of clinical prescriptions of Korean medicine is standardizing herbal prescriptions of Korean medicine, and many efforts are put for research for EBM (evidence-based medicine). For study on education, education of school of Korean medicine in national universities is studies to provide better educational environment, and specialized doctor system of Korean medicine is also under research.

For international academic exchange, annual Korea-China conference is held with China association of Chinese Medicine from 1994. In September, 2006, academic exchange agreement was contracted with Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine.

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