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eISSN : 2671-5759
pISSN : 1229-781X
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Editor's & Reviewer's Guide

The Journal of Christian Education in Korea follows a double-blind reviewing procedure, in which neither author nor reviewer knows the identity of the other.


Three reviewers will be assigned to each article and the editorial board will make a decision to accept or reject based on the reviewers’ reports.


- Accepted without any changes (Accept): the journal will publish the paper in its original form

- Accepted after revisions (Minor Revision): the journal will publish the paper after the author makes the minor changes suggested by the reviewers and/or editors

- Revise and resubmit (Major Revision): the journal is re-reviewed by the editorial board after the author makes major changes suggested by the reviewers and/or editors

- Reject the paper: the journal will not publish the paper in the current issue


After publication, one copy of the issue in which the article appears and an additional ten individual copies of the author’s own article will be sent to the author.


The audience for the journal is scholars, practitioners and students taking masters programs and professional doctoral work in Christian education, as well as traditional readers of the journal who have found it a continuing source of enrichment for daily practice.


The journal (including archives) is available freely online at: http://www.kscre.org


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