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Editor's & Reviewer's Guide
  1. How original is the work presented in the paper?

- Is the article sufficiently novel and interesting to warrant publication?

- Does the study extend previous research in an original way?

  1. How significant are the contributions of the paper?

- Is the research question an important one?

- Are the findings important enough to warrant publication?


  1. Is the content logical and professional?

- Is the article clearly laid out?

- Do authors clearly state their hypothesis, describe the methodology, and explain the findings?

  1. Is the writing style and presentation appropriate?

- Is the article well-written?

- Are figures and tables adequate and complementary to the content?


  1. How confident are you in your assessment of the paper?

- Is the subject area of the paper in your field of expertise?

- How familiar are you with literature in the field?



- accept, accept w/ revision, rereview after revision, reject


Confidential Comments to the Editor


Comments to the Author

- Originality (Q.1)

- Contributions (Q.2)

- Structure (Q.3)

- Presentation (Q.4)

- Other comments

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