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Editor's & Reviewer's Guide

1. Role of the editor

1) The editor, a member of the editorial board, is responsible to maximize the quality of publication following the journal policies and guidelines.

2) The editor is responsible to assign appropriate reviewers for each manuscript.

3) The editor is responsible to make a decision if the manuscript would be published in the journal based on reviewer’s reports.


2. Criteria for Review

Research Topics

The level of originality of research

A specific framework for research

A scope of research

Research subject

Clear statement of research objectives

Research question and approach

Research method

Ethical issue on data collection

Inclusion or exclusion criterion

Appropriate measurement

Clear statement of research procedure

Appropriate method of data collection

Appropriate method of data analysis

Research result

Clear description of result


Logical argument based on evidence-based literature

Appropriate suggestion for clinical application and future research


Concise and comprehensive summary based on result and discussion

Contribution to academic of neurorehabilitation and therapeutic science


Correct and proper references

Clear English abstract

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