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JAROE Submission Guidelines

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1. (Objective) The guidelines aim to regulate various matters regarding submission of papers to the Journal of Advanced Research in Ocean Engineering, an English journal published by the Korean Society of Ocean Engineers.

2. (Submission Qualification) Any researchers in the field of ocean engineering are qualified to submit papers to the journal. (No regulations regarding membership submission)

3. (Definition of Manuscripts) Submitted papers must belong to one of the following.

1) Papers: The paper must be original and reliable. The papers must not have been presented in other journals and must have academic contributions or practical implications that apply to industrial technologies. (Maximum length of a paper: eight pages)

2) Discussion Papers: Academic discussions about papers that have been published in the journal which do not exceed three years from the publication date

4. (Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts) The manuscript must be prepared in electronic files according to the manuscript formatting guidelines of the journal. It must be submitted through the online paper review system with a Manuscript Submission Request form and a Copyright Agreement form.

5. (Registration Date) The registration date of manuscripts is the day the manuscript is registered online.

6. (Selection Decision) The selection decision of the manuscripts is determined according to the review guidelines of the journal.

7. (Review Fee) The authors do not pay for any review fees; the review fee for the reviewers will be provided by the society.

8. (Approval Date) The approval date is the day when the final manuscript that has been accepted for publication is approved by the reviewer boards of the journal.

9. (Publication costs) The authors of the papers to be published in the journal must pay a small amount of the costs of publication fees. The authors will be responsible for extra costs if any of the following cases apply.

1) When the submitted papers exceed the maximum length of papers

2) When the authors request special types of paper or color printing for publication

3) When further formatting revisions are necessary because the author did not adhere to the formatting guidelines

10. (Copyrights and Responsibility) The copyrights of the manuscripts that have already been published or will be published in the journal will belong to the society, and submission of the manuscripts is regarded as a surrender of the copyright to the society. In addition, for any managerial matters handled by the society regarding previously published manuscripts, the authors do not raise objections. However, the authors will be consulted when it comes to the matter of manuscript contents.

11. (Organization of the paper) The organization of the paper must follow the given order.

1) a title, 2) author(s) and organization(s), 3) an English abstract, 4) academic key words, 5) meaning of the markings (if necessary), 6) an introduction, 7) the main text (theory building, experiment methods, results, analyses of results, discussions), 8) conclusion, 9) epilogue (if necessary), 10) references, 11) appendices (if necessary).



[20, October 2016 enacted]

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