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Editorial Board



Name and Position : Joonmo Choung, Professor


Affiliation: Inha University, Korea

Office Phone: +32-860-7346

E-mail: jmchoung@inha.ac.kr

Research Areas of Interest:

1. Plasticity and Fracture of Marine Materials

2. Fatigue Design of Marine Structures

3. Accidental Design of Marine Structures

4. Ultimate Strength of Marine Structures


Editorial Board


 Alexander T. Bekker, Far Eastern State Technical University, Russia abekker@mail.ru


Name and Position: Ahmet Ergin, Professor


Affiliation:   Istanbul Technical   University, Turkey

Office   Phone: +90-212-285 6414

E-mail:   ergina@itu.edu.tr

Research   Areas of Interest:

1. Hydro-elasticity of marine structures

2. Structural mechanics

3. Vibration and noise

4. Fluid-structure-soil interaction


Name and Position: Masashi   KASHIWAGI, Professor


Affiliation: Osaka University, Japan

Office   Phone: +81-6-6879-7572

E-mail: kashi@naoe.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp

Research   Areas of Interest:

1. Free-surface hydrodynamics

 2. Fluid-structure interactions

 3. Hydroelasticity


Name and   Position: Geoffrey Lyons, Principal Director


Affiliation: BPP-TECH, UK

Office   Phone: +44-845-217-7000

E-mail: g.lyons@bpp-tech.com

Research   Areas of Interest:

 1. Hydroelasticity

 2. Fluid   Structure Interaction

 3. Structural   Integrity Monitoring


Name and Position: Šime Malenica, Deputy Director


Affiliation: Bureau Veritas, France

Office Phone: + 33-142913361

E-mail: sime.malenica@bureauveritas.com

Research   Areas of Interest:


Name and   Position: Marcos Salas, Coordinator


Affiliation: Austral University of Chile, Chile

Office   Phone: +56-63-221854

E-mail: msalas@uach.cl

Research   Areas of Interest:

1. Advanced Analysis of Naval Structures

2. General Maritime Transportation

3. Maeterial Composition of Naval Engineering


Ajit Shenoi, University of Southampton, UK R.A.Shenoi@soton.ac.uk


Torgeir Moan, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway torgeir.moan@ntnu.no



Editorial Committee, KSOE


Name and Position : Beom-Seon Jang, Professor


Affiliation: Seoul National University, Korea

Office Phone: +82-2-880-8380

E-mail: seanjang@snu.ac.kr

Research Areas of Interest:

1. Ship and Offshore structure

2. Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

3. Accidental Limit Analysis


Ryu Yong Uk, Pukyong National University, Korea yuryu@pknu.ac.kr


Name and Position : Jinwhan Kim, Professor


Affiliation: KAIST, Korea

Office Phone: +82-42-350-1519

E-mail: jinwhan@kaist.ac.kr

Research Areas of Interest:

   1. Marine robotics

   2. Vehicle dynamics and control

   3. Guidance and navigation


Name and Position : Jang Hyun Lee, Professor 



Affiliation: Inha University, Korea

Office Phone: +82-32-860-7345

E-mail: jh_lee@inha.ac.kr

Research Areas of Interest:

   1. Ship Production and Product Information Management

   2. Heat Transfer & Thermal Flow in Ship and Offshore Plant

   3. Naval Ship Survivability and Under water explosion

   4. Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis for UNDEX and Sloshing


Name and Position : Han Koo Jeong, Professor



Affiliation: Kunsan National University, Korea

Office Phone: +82-63-469-1853

E-mail: hkjeong@kunsan.ac.kr

Research Areas of Interest:

   1. Reliability of marine structures

   2. Advanced lightweight marine structures

   3. Design methods for marine applications


Name and Position : Myung-Il Roh, Professor


Affiliation: Seoul National University, Korea

Office Phone: +82-2-880-7328

E-mail: miroh@snu.ac.kr

Research Areas of Interest:

1. Ship Design
2. Offshore Plant Design

3. Naval Ship Design(Warship, Submarine)

4. CAD(Computer-Aided Design)

5. Optimum Design

6. Simulation-Based Design

7. Knowledge-Based Design & Expert System

8. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Name and Position : Bo-Woo Nam, Senior Research Scientist


Affiliation: KRISO, Korea

Office Phone: +82-42-866-3934

E-mail: bwnam@kriso.re.kr

Research Areas of Interest:

1. Floating body dynamics and hydrodynamics

2. Offshore mooring & dynamic positioning

3. Marine operation (transportation & installation)

4. Wave energy converter


Name and Position : Kyung Sung Kim, Professor


Affiliation: Tongmyong University, Korea

Office Phone: +82-51-629-1655

E-mail: keiuskim@tu.ac.kr

Research Areas of Interest:

1. Hydrodynamics including moorings and risers analysis

2. Coupling between floating motion and inner liquid

3. Particle Method

4. Computational Fluid Dynamics

5. Ship resistance and propulsion


Name and Position : Bon Guk Koo, Professor


Affiliation: Changwon National University Korea

Office Phone: +82-55-213-3686

E-mail: bonguk9@changwon.ac.kr

Research Areas of Interest:

1. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

2. Hydrodynamic analysis on offshore structures

3. Ship Hydrodynamics 

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