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eISSN : 2288-7806
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Editor's & Reviewer's Guide

Guide for Editors and Reviewers


Review Criteria

AIM employs the following criteria to review manuscripts: Relevance, Structure, Format, Contribution. Upon submission, manuscripts are checked for their completeness and adherence to our editorial policies and the criteria listed below, whereafter detailed comments and feedbacks are made regarding strengths and weaknesses, requests for author revision and reviewers’ final recommendations. The review criteria are as follows.

  1. Relevance
    1. Topic Relevance
    2. Topic Originality
    3. Method Relevance


  1. Structure
    1. Structure Relevance and Clarity
    2. Logical Relevance
    3. Citation Relevance


  1. Format
    1. Format Guideline Conformity
    2. Reference Completeness


  1. Contribution
    1. Academic Contribution
    2. Implications for Practitioners


Editorial Policy

Authors should not identify themselves (e.g., author’s name and affiliation) in the manuscript. Authors’ biographies and research interest should be submitted in a separate document. Manuscripts will follow a blind peer review process.

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