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Research Publication Ethics

The Korean Intelligent Information Systems Society - Code of Conduct

Article 1 (Purpose)

This code of conduct is to prevent the KIISS members who would like to submit and publish their works from committing misdemeanors with an aim to providing directions and basic principles for the roles and responsibilities in abiding by research ethics.


Article 2 (Focus)

This code of conduct is applied to all the members who submit to and publish manuscripts through the KIISS and their materials.


Article 3 (Scope)

All the manuscripts submitted and published by the KIISS must conform to this code of conduct unless there are special stipulations in relevant laws or regulations.


Article 4 (Constitution of the Research Ethics Committee)

1. The Research Ethics Committee is to determine whether submissions conform to the KIISS policy and impose disciplinary measures if necessary. 

2. The Research Ethics Committee is constituted of the editor-in-chief as the Committee Chair and the two experts nominated by the associate editors and the KIISS president.


Article 5 (Infraction)

Followings are deemed to be against the KIISS code of conduct.

1. Forgery:The conduct of fabricating non-existing data or research outcome and recording or reporting them as true and existing

2. Falsification:The conduct of counterfeiting research materials, tools, and/or research processes or the conduct of altering or omitting research data and outcome so the research record becomes not consistent with the truth

3. Plagiarism:The conduct of plagiarizing others’ ideas, research progresses, and/or results without proper approval

4. Dual Submissions:The conduct of submitting manuscripts that were already published in or being reviewed by other journals or the conduct of submitting the same manuscripts under review by the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems to other publications

5. Division:The conduct of using part of the existing papers as another new submission

6. False Indication of Authors:The conduct of excluding from the author list those who have contributed to research and outcome without valid reasons or the conduct of including to the author list those who have no contribution under the banner of respect and gratitude.


Article 6 (Process)

Scientific misconduct by author will be handled according to COPE(Committee on Publication Ethics) flow chart.


Article 7 (Penalty)

1. Anyone who has violated this code of conduct and the general research ethics cannot submit manuscripts to the JIIS for three years and will be expelled from membership in case of a regular member. 

2. The authors who have requested to withdraw the published paper themselves in the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems cannot submit manuscripts to the JIIS for three years. 

3. Other matters are decided by the Research Ethics Committee.


Article 8

1. For the policies on the research and publication ethics not stated in this instructions, International standards for editors and authors (http://publicationethics.org/resources/international-standards-for-editors- and-authors) can be applied.

2. Other issues will be considered and dealt with according to related laws and regulations and the social norm.




1. This code of conduct comes into force on January 1, 2008.




1. This revised code of conduct comes into force on January 1, 2014.

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