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Author's Guide

Style of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be written in English. (Authors for whom English is a second language must ensure their manuscript are professionally edited.) Manuscripts must be prepared on A4 paper using the "Times New Roman" font, size 11p and should be no longer than 10,000 words based on MS-word processor. Manuscript Sample


Abstracts and keywords

The length of an abstract should not exceed 200 words. Also, it should not contain abbreviations or references. The keywords (5 at least) and JEL classification numbers (3 at least) should be provided.


Title page

Title page should contain (i) the title of the paper, (ii) the full name, department, affiliation of the authors, and (iii) the full postal and email address, and facsimile and telephone numbers of the author to whom correspondence about the manuscript should be sent. Manuscripts with more than one author should display names in order of their contribution.



When Romanization of other foreign languages is necessary, author must comply with the following: The first word of proper nouns, such as names of people and geographical locations, must begin with a capital letter. And, abbreviation of names of groups and organizations must be written in capital letters.



Terms, units, names of people and terminology must remain consistent throughout the whole manuscript.


Numbers in following order

The main body should be divided into the following order: I 1. 1) II 1.

  1. I. Introduction
    1. 1. The Model
    2.    1.1) Research
    3. 2. The Empirical Results
  2. II. Implications
    1. 1. The Model


Footnotes should be signalled by superscript numbers and included in the reference list.



Tables must be numbered with Arabic numerals. Tables must be placed in the middle of the page. Tables must be self-contained, in the sense that the reader must be able to understand them. Each table must have a title followed by a descriptive legend with footnotes (if any) and their sources typed below the tables. Authors must check tables to ensure that the title, column headings, captions, etc., are clear and to the point.



Figures must be numbered with Arabic numerals. Figures must be placed in the middle of the page. A figure's title should be part of the caption. Figures must be self-contained. Each figure must have a title followed by a descriptive legend. Diagrams should be presented in a form suitable for immediate reproduction (i.e., not requiring redrawing).



1) References must be in alphabetical order (name of people and organizations) using Chicago Manual of style. Foreign reference written in foreign language must be translated in English and follow the same rule.

2) References with the same author must be displayed as well.

3) For example,


Surname, X. and Y. Surname. Year. Title with Initial Caps. Place: Publisher.


Surname, X. Year. “Title of Chapter.” In Surname, X. and Y. Surname. (eds.) Title of Book. Place: Publisher. pp. xx-xx.


Surname, X. Year. “Title of Article,” Name of Journal, vol. xx, no. xx (issue no. xx), pp. xx-xx.


Surname, X. Year. “Title of Paper,” Paper presented at Name of Conference. Place. Month of Presentation.


Surname, X. Year. “Title of Article.” Name of Website. <http://xxx.xxxx.xxx/xxx> (accessed Month xx, Year)


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