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Editor's & Reviewer's Guide

Editorial Policy / Peer-Review

Editorial Policy


1. Manuscripts submitted should be related to the fashion & textile industry or its applied area and should contribute to academic or industrial development. Manuscript should not have been published through any other journal before submission to this journal. Copyrights of published manuscripts belong to SFTI.


2. The entire editorial workflow is performed using the online Manuscript Central. Once a manuscript is submitted, the manuscript is assigned to an Editor most appropriate to handle it based on the subject of the manuscript and the availability of the Editors. If the Editor determines that the manuscript is not of sufficient quality to go through the normal review process or if the subject of the manuscript is not appropriate to the journal scope, the Editor rejects the manuscript with no further processing.


If the Editor determines that the submitted manuscript is of sufficient quality and falls within the scope of the journal, he/she assigns the manuscript to a minimum of 3 reviewers for peer-review.


3. If a manuscript should be rejected due to plagiarism or any other reason after being found "publish as it is", the review result may be changed to "reject" by the Editing Committee regardless of the original review result.


4. Manuscripts shall be proofread by the author, and contents can not be revised or added during the proofreading process. However, the Editor may edit some parts that are considered necessary for the editing of the journal.


5. Manuscripts for publication are decided by the Editing Committee according to the order the manuscripts are found fit for publication after the review process. Research manuscripts are published in order of registration, according to the fields of Fashion Design, Costume History, Fashion Marketing, Clothing Construction, Beauty, and Textile Science. Date of manuscript registration is set as the date the submission arrives at SFTI.


6. As long as the Editing Committee does not state a special reason, manuscripts that have been submitted more than 1 year ago shall be put through the publication process as long as they return with revisions within 6 months. Manuscripts that are received after 6 months without a special reason shall be considered as a new submission and reported as thus to the author.


7. Areas not stated in these regulations shall be handled by the Editor according to traditional customs and reported to the Editing Committee.


8. Submissions must abide by the Research Ethics Guidelines of The Society of Fashion & Textile Industry. Refer to the International Standard for Editor and Authors (http://publicationethics.org/international-standards-editors-and -authors) for areas that are not covered in the Research Ethics Guidelines.


9. This journal is a member of CrossCheck and checks submissions for plagiarism.





1. Submissions are peer-reviewed by at least 3 reviewers and the Editing Committee makes the final decision on publication. A manuscript may be published if at least 2 out of 3 reviewers find it "publish as it is". Manuscript may not be published if 2 or more reviewers find it "reject."


2. Review results are divided into "publish as it is", "publish after minor revision", "further review after major revisions," and "reject."


3. When a manuscripts is found "publish after minor revision” or "further review after major revisions," , the author shall make the revisions and the manuscript shall be screened by the editor, a member of the editing committee, or a reviewer.


4. When the content of the manuscript falls in one of the following categories, the reviewers shall point out the mistake and reject it for publication.


A. An manuscript that has already been published.


B. An manuscript that not original but similar to a manuscript that has already been published.


5. The reviewers and edited contents remain confidential.

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