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Author's Guide

Editorial Committee


Established January 21, 2000

Revised April 2, 2008

Revised April 21, 2012

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Manuscript Submission Application Form(영문)

Research Ethics Statement(영문) 

1. These regulations define regulations related to editing duties of Fashion & Textile Research Journal(hereinafter referred to as “FTRJ") issued by The Society of Fashion & Textile Industry (hereinafter referred to as“SFTI").


2. There shall be an Editorial Committee (hereinafter referred to as "committee") to evaluate matters related to editing the FTRJ.

(1) The committee consists of 1 editor-in chief, 1-2 associate editors and around 20 editorial board members.

(2) The editor-in chief is appointed with the agreement of the Board of Directors. The editor-in chief supervises editing duties an becomes the chairman and editing director of the SFTI.

(3) The associate editors and editorial board members are appointed by the editor-in chief and approved by the president of the SFTI.

(4) The term of the Editorial committee is 3 years and consecutive terms are permitted.


3. Committee members must meet each of the following requirements.

(1) A regular member of the SFTI.

(2) A researcher who has researched their field of major for at least 5 years.

(3) A member who has at least 10 published studies on their field of major (last 2 years' publication performance 400% or above)

(4) A member with excellent recent research or external activities.

(5) For consecutive terms, a member who performed Editorial Committee duties faithfully the year before.


4. The Editorial Committee of the FTRJ evaluates the following points.

(1) Article submission regulations

(2) Article review regulations

(3) Matters related to reviews, reports and special lectures.

(4) Review of articles found "reject" for publication with objections such as objections to review or selection of reviewers.

(5) Other matters related to editing.


5. The Editorial Committee is operated as follows.

(1) The committee opens an Editorial Committee meeting for issuance of the FTRJ and makes decisions through a majority vote of those present.

(2) A temporary Editorial Committee meeting can be called at the request of the editor-in chief or 1/3 or more members of the editorial board.

(3) A small committee can be brought together to discuss matters related to editing or reviews. Members of the small committee are appointed by the editor-in chief.

(4) The editor-in chief can hold an online editing meeting, and decisions made through such meetings have the same effect a decisions made in the clause before.


6. The FTRJ shall publish and edit the following contents.

(1) Research articles that meet the purpose of the SFTI.

(2) Reviews, news and reports.

(3) Research presented at conferences or special lectures hosted by the SFTI.


7. Matters not included in these regulations shall be handled according to general customs and the results must be reported to the Editorial Committee.


8. Submissions must abide by the Research Ethics Guidelines of The Society of Fashion & Textile Industry. Refer to the International Standard for Editor and Authors (http://publicationethics.org/international-standards-editors-and -authors) for areas that are not covered in the Research Ethics Guidelines.


9. This journal is a member of CrossCheck and checks submissions for plagiarism.

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