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저작권이양동의서 [국문] Copyright Transfer Agreement Form [영문]

논문투고신청서 [국문] Manuscript_Submission Appllication Form [영문]

연구윤리확약서[국문] Research Ethics Statement [영문]

이해상충서약서 [국문] Conflict of Interest Form [영문]



Submission of Manuscript

  1. One of the main authors(first or corresponding author) of manuscript should be the member of The Society of Fashion and Textile Industry (SFTI).
  2. If a degree thesis is being submitted, whether it is a Master's degree or Ph.D dissertation should be marked on the manuscripts, and the person who acquired the degree should be stated as the main author (1st or corresponding author). State the corresponding author and include the corresponding author's affiliation and contact information using a footnote on the first page of the article.
  3. Manuscript can be submitted through the on-line Manuscript via the SFTI website ( Authors should submit “Manuscript Submission Application Form” and “Research Ethics Statement” at the time of submission and an “Manuscripts Submission Request” after the review process. Author's check list and Copyright transfer can be found during thesubmission process via homepage.
  4. The submission fee is KRW 80,000 per manuscript, and the payment should be made to the SFTI bank account(Nonghyup Bank : 351-0482-8719-53) upon acceptance for the journal.
  5. The SFTI routinely waive charges for authors from low-income countries. For other countries, article-processing charge waivers or discounts are granted on a case-by-case basis to authors with insufficient funds. Authors can request a waiver or discount during the submission process.


Form of Publication

Fashion & Textile Research Journal (Fashion & Text. Res. J.) shall publish and edit the following contents.

  1. Research manuscripts : This form of publication represents original research manuscripts that meet the scope of the (Fashion & Text. Res. J.).
  2. Reviews : Invited or submitted papers are accepted.
  3. News and reports : Short reports on the academic activities of SFTI.
  4. Communications : Research presented at conferences or special lectures hosted by the SFTI.


Proofs and Offprints

Manuscript and proof are sent to author who submitted the paper. Proof should be checked against the manuscript and returned as soon as possible. Twenty offprints will be provided free of charge, and additional copies need to be payed.


Publication Charge

The publication fee is set as KRW 50,000 per page up to 4 pages. The author is held responsible for additional cost of KRW 30,000 per page if the manuscript exceeds 4 pages. If the manuscript contains color pages, KRW 180,000 will be charged per color page.


Subscription Information

Fashion & Textile Research Journal is an Open-Access journal published in online and printed version. Full text of the Journal is available in online( and free of charge. Printed version of Fashion & Text. Res. J. can be subscribed after he/she joined to the member of SFTI. The detailed annual membership fee can be found in SFTI website( This journal is an open access journal. This journal is owned by the publisher, the Society of Fashion and Textile Industry and research results can be shared freely.


Research Ethical Issues

The Society of Fashion & Textile Industry defines research ethics rules and standards that should be followed during research activities and educational activities, as follows, as such activities are conducted to contribute to continuous academic investigation and maintenance of relationships between members, and social benefits and development of the clothing industry through research related to the clothing industry. The detailed research ethic regulations can be found in journal website ( For the policies on this research ethics not stated in this instruction, "Guidelines on Good Publication(" can be applied. A study judged to be plagiarized by the Board of Directors of The Society of Fashion & Textile Industry on November 8, 2014, shall go through final authorization of the Research Committee deliberation results and take following measures according to the research ethics violation follow-up handling regulations of the National Research Foundation of Korea. The violation will be notified to members of the society, publication of the study in the journal will be cancelled, and the member who plagiarized will be restricted from submitting a paper to the journal for the following three years.


Preparation of Manuscript

  1. The submission should be typed using Hangeul or MS Word in Korean (mark Chinese characters in brackets) or English, and converted into a pdf file for submission. The manuscript should be 20(size A4) pages or less, including figures and tables, and should abide by the following format.



Font size

Letter width

Space between


Line width




11 point




Above 2cm

Below 1.5cm

Right 3cm

Left 3cm

Heading 1.5cm

Footer 1.5cm




11 point




Above 3.5cm

Below 3cm

Right 3cm

Left 3cm

Heading 1.5cm

Footer 1.5cm

  1. Write the title, all authors' names, affiliations, and address, postal code, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the corresponding author on the "Manuscript Submission Application Form" in Korean and English. Write the manuscript starting from the first page, in order of title, abstract, introduction, theoretical background, method, results & discussion, and conclusion. Do not include author's names, affiliations, and words of thanks in the manuscript for review. In the final article that has passed the evaluation stage, state the Korea and English authors' names(mark corresponding author) and affiliations, and submit the article as a Hangeul or MS Word file. For English articles, state the authors' names and affiliations in English only.
  2. The abstract should be 200~250 English words. Abstract should be briefly written in one sentence including research purpose, method, and results.
  3. Write 5 or less key words under the abstract in English(Korean) form.
  4. In case of English manuscript, Korean title and keywords don't need to be presented.
  5. Write the title and explanations of tables and figures in English. Follow the Guideline for Tables and Figures.
  6. Use S.I. units.
  7. Follow the (Fashion & Text. Res. J.) guideline for the bibliography and citations (, and write references in English. Follow the APA (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) Style Manual for areas not covered in the regulations, and state the DOI for references with a DOI.

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