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PNF and Movement publishes critical information regarding on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. The Journal contains original article, case report related to clinical, and basic science research. Original article written in English or Korean will be accepted for publication with the understanding that they have not been published previously, nor are under consideration for publication, in any other journal.

In submitting manuscripts to proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), authors agree to the policies of this journal, including free access and use of the material published in it with, of course, proper acknowledgment of authorship and source. If you have any questions about whether your article is appropriate for PNF, send it directly to the editor for a preliminary review.

All articles will be blind-refereed except when invited. The decision of the editorial board is final. Articles accepted for publication will be copyrighted by Korea proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation association.

Because Korea proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation association relies on the generosity of scholars who contribute their time to review articles, we ask that authors not submit their work to other journals at the same time. By using computer technology throughout, we expect that the review process will move quickly and that authors will be notified in a reasonable time. In sending work to Korea proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation association for possible publication, the submitter attests that the work is original and that he or she is the author, that it has not been published, and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.





Our submission guidelines have been carefully prepared to facilitate the editorial process of publishing articles online. Strict adherence to formatting guidelines (described below) has three purposes. First, consistent and uniform formatting allows the editors and reviewers to concentrate on the content of articles submitted. Second, it allows for reliable translation of authors' formatting to the web page. The third consideration is both aesthetic and practical: multiple stylistic formats are ugly and distracting on a web page and interfere with reading. Therefore, please observe the following formatting instructions carefully. Submissions which do not adhere to these instructions will be returned to the author.


Formatting the Article


The article should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

1. Manuscripts should be compiled in the following order: abstract; main text; acknowledgments; appendices (as appropriate); references. Do not include the author’s name or any other identifying information.

2. Manuscripts should be written in Korean or English. Translation of medical terminology based on the use of a new term physical therapy and physical therapy textbook glossary of term is used. Abbreviation is used minimally. Initially used as the source language and then use the abbreviation in parentheses. After only abbreviations is used.

3. The second page should include an abstract not exceeding 200 words and less than 250 words. Abbreviations and special symbols should not be used in the abstract.

4. Figures and Tables should be written in English.

5. References should be written in English and conform to the style displayed in the samples below under Citations and References.



1) An SH, Chung YJ, Park SY. The effects of trunk control ability on balance, gait, and functional performance ability in patients with stroke. The Korean Academy of University Trained Physical Therapists. 2010;17(2):32-42.

2) Kornetti DL, Fritz SL, Chiu, YP, et al. Rating scale analysis of the Berg Balance Scale. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2004;85(3):1128-1135.



Weber DC, Brown AW. Physical agent modalities, In: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. W.B. Saunders company. Philadelphia. 1996.





This journal followed the statements of International standards for editors and authors (http://publicationethics.org) or ICMJE. All authors are required to secure permission for the reproduction of any figure, table, or extensive (more than fifty word) extract from the text, from a source which is copyrighted. In studies of human projects, the procedures should be in accorance with the ethical standards of the Istitutional Review Board (IRB) of author's institution and with Declaration of Helsinki.





All manuscripts are treated as confidential. They are peer-reviewed by at least 2 anonymous reviewers selected by editor. The corresponding author is notified as soon as possible of the editor's decision to accept, reject, or request revision of manuscripts. When final revised manuscript is completely acceptable, it is scheduled for publication in the next available issues.





The publication all fee for general article is free.





The regular subscriber of books in print dues must be paid a full member. The subscription fee of this journal in print is Korean won, ₩20,000 annually.





The authors who need assistance for online submission process and preparing PDF file, please contact Editorial Office: Editorial Office of Korea proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation association Department of Physical Therapy, Kyungsung University, Busan, Korea e-mail: pnfjournal@hanmail.net

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