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Editor's & Reviewer's Guide

All original papers published in AJPOR must undergo a peer review process. The peer review process should be anonymous. At the time of review, the reviewer should not be told who the author of the paper is. The author of the paper should not be told who the reviewer is.

The completed, anonymous review forms shall normally be given to the paper’s author to enable him to revise his paper.

Reviewers may be chosen by an editor. The editorial board may provide recommendations for reviewers if asked to do so.

Normally, three reviewers will be given a paper and asked to review the paper within three weeks. Extensions may be given at the discretion of the editor. Alternative reviewers may be sought if the initial reviewer does not complete a review. The decision to accept or reject a paper will be made by the editor based on the recommendation of at least two reviewers. If a paper is to be modified, the modified paper should be re-submitted for the editor’s final approval.

Copy-editing normally takes place after the modified paper is submitted. The copy-editor shall edit the paper to make it easier to understand and to correct any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Copy-editors may consult with the author for clarification of meaning if necessary. A final (post-copy-editing) version of the paper will be sent to the editor-in-chief and the author prior to publication. If the author has any objections to the copy-editor’s changes, he can suggest further modifications.

The editor-in-chief makes the final decision about what is included in an issue of AJPOR.

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