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Research Publication Ethics



Journal of the Korean Industrial Applied Mathematics Ethics Regulations

Established on August 30th, 2007

Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this regulation is to prescribe matters related to research, review and publication ethics related to the writing, review, and publication of papers published in the Journal of the Korean Industrial Applied Mathematics (hereinafter referred to as this journal).

Article 2 (Research Ethics) A paper submitted to this journal shall be prepared in accordance with the following ethics regulations.

  1. Research should be based on methods and verification procedures recognized by academia.
  2. Paper should describe a series of research processes and research results through objective methods.
  3. Researchers must comply with not only these ethics regulations but also the universal ethics regulations of the scientific community.

Article 3 (Misconduct) Paper with the following misconduct shall not be published.

  1. Fabrication: The act of falsely creating, recording, and reporting research data or research results that do not exist
  2. Falsification: The act of manipulating research data or process, or modifying or omitting data or research results so that research records do not conform to the truth
  3. Plagiarism: The act of using other people's ideas, processes, results, or records without due authorization

Article 4 (Publication Ethics)

  1. Submissions and publications shall be limited to original articles.
  2. Papers published or being submitted in other journals shall not be submitted to this journal, and papers published or being submitted in this journal shall not be published in other journals.
  3. In principle, redundant publications shall not be submitted or published.

Article 5 (Review Ethics) Those in charge of publishing and editing a paper must comply with the following.

  1. Editors and reviewers should not be subject to their subjective views on the author's race, region, gender, age, etc., but should be reviewed solely according to the objective academic value of the paper.
  2. If it is difficult for editors and reviewers to comply with the ethics regulations under Paragraph 1, they must request a change of editors or reviewers to the editorial committee.

Article 6 (Ethics Deliberation) If the submitted paper is in violation of this ethics regulation, it shall be processed according to the following procedures.

  1. The act of submitting a paper to this journal shall be deemed that the author agrees with these regulations and the universal research ethics regulations, and if there is an opinion on a violation of the ethics regulations, the board of directors may request an explanation from the author.
  2. Duplicate publication, redundant publication, and violations of research ethics shall be reviewed by the editorial committee, and finally deliberated and decided by the board of directors.
  3. Members who violate these regulations and the universal ethics regulations of the scientific community shall not be allowed to submit a paper to this journal for two years.

Supplementary Provision

This regulation shall take effect on the date of enactment approval by the board of directors.

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