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eISSN : 1229-0645
pISSN : 1226-9433
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The journal of the Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics(Journal of KSIAM) is published by the Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics(KSIAM). This aims to publish research articles that deal with scientific or engineering problems by using a variety of mathematical methods. Computational results demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed techniques are also included.


Journal Sections


Beginning from Volume 19, 2015, the journal (J-KSIAM) introduces several new sections in addition to the traditional "Research article" section. The "Review and survey" section features papers with an integrative and up-to-date perspective on a major topic in applied and industrial mathematics. The "Software and Education" section constists of self-containded presentations regarding scientific softwares or specific topics for teaching in applied and computational sciences. An article in this section may include supplementary materials needed for teaching or presentation such as source codes or large set of data which will be available in electronic format from the journal website. The "Communications in mathematics and engineering" section encourages authors to communicate with members in different field of interest by presenting new ideas and experimental suggestions.


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