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Editor's & Reviewer's Guide

A. Ethical obligation of editors 

1. The editor shall give unbiased consideration to all manuscripts submitted for publication, judging each on its singular quality without regard to the author's gender, seniority, institutional affiliation, or the editor's personal acquaintance without the author.

2. The editor shall review and process a manuscript submitted for publication with all reasonable expediency.

3. The editor shall disclose no information about the manuscript submitted for publication to anyone other than the author and designated reviews until after the evaluation process is complete.



B. Ethical obligations of reviewers 

1. Every reviewer should have a professional obligation to adhere to the scientific criteria for reviewing manuscripts.

2. The reviewer should objectively review and judge the quality of a manuscript, assessing the subjects of the experiments and the underlying theories, the interpretation of the results, and the depth of explanation in accordance with appropriate scientific and literary standards. The reviewer must be objective in evaluating the manuscript without regard to any relation which it might have to the reviewer's own research or without regard to the reviewer's ties with the author.

3. The reviewer should treat a manuscript submitted for review as a confidential document. It should not be shown to nor discussed with anyone other than the author except in special circumstances where specific advice is sought. In such cases, the identities of those consulted should be reported to the editor. It is forbidden to reference the contents of manuscripts before publication without the author's approval.

4. The reviewer should confirm proper citation of work referred to in the manuscript. If the work described in the manuscript is similar to previously published work, the reviewer should report this to the editor in detail.

5. The reviewer should act promptly, submitting an evaluation report in a timely manner. The chosen reviewer who thinks that he/she is not qualified to judge a submitted manuscript should promptly inform the editor of the fact.

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