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Author's Guide

Ethical obligation of authors 

1. Authors should present an accurate account of the research performed and should not add to or subtract from the results only for statistical reasons. Authors must confirm that their work submitted for publication has not been reported elsewhere by them or others.

2. The authors should make every reasonable effort to accurately describe reference material already open to the public. The authors should clearly indicate the origin of referred results. Information obtained through personal contacts or evaluation of manuscripts can be quoted only after receiving permission from the appropriate party.

3. It is improper for the author to submit simultaneously manuscript describing essentially the same research to more than one journal for publication. In general, submitting a manuscript expanding on a previously published but brief preliminary account (such as "communication") of the same work is permissible.

4. The author shall ensure that no contractual relations or proprietary considerations exist that might be affected by publication of the submitted manuscript.



Cover Letter

A cover letter must be submitted at the same time as the manuscript. The cover letter may be created as a Word or PDF file. The letter must provide the corresponding author’s name, postal and e-mail addresses, and telephone and fax numbers. All Editorial correspondence concerning receipt, status, review, revision, and publication of a manuscript will be sent only to one person who has been designated as the corresponding author during the evaluation period. The corresponding author is responsible for communicating the manuscript status to all coauthors of the paper and for obtaining the coauthors’ assent to any substantial changes of content or interpretation made during revision. The cover letter should provide explicit assurance that the manuscript is not under consideration for publication and has not been published elsewhere in any medium including electronic journals and computer databases of a public nature.



Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts must be submitted via the Journal online. 

If you have trouble you can submit an online submission through the mail. (E-mail: photos@photos.or.kr)

Please submit as possible online.



Preparation of Manuscripts

RCP considers communications only. Review, perspective, feature articles are occasionally published by invitation in a free style. AUTHORS MUST USE THE WORD-PROCESSING TEMPLATE AVAILABLE FOR COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE SUBMISSION WEB SITE. TEMPLATE USAGE IS MANDATORY (Template Download). Use of the template will ensure proper formatting and will facilitate the placement of graphics in the manuscript. It will allow authors and Editors to accurately estimate the length of Communications at submission and will eliminate any delay caused by modification to meet the page limit at the page proof stage. All graphics and tables must be placed (embedded) in the template near the point of first mention in the text of the manuscript (not grouped at the end of the document).



Table of Contents (TOC) Graphic

RCP features a Table of Contents (TOC) that contains a graphic presentation for each entry, in addition to the title and author list. Authors are required to submit a graphic for the TOC that, in conjunction with the manuscript title, is meant to convey to the reader the essence of the work and thereby capture the reader’s attention. It may be a key structure, reaction, equation, concept, or theorem, etc., or an ingenious representation thereof, that is discussed in the manuscript. The use of color to enhance the quality and appearance of the TOC graphic is encouraged. The TOC graphic must be provided with a separate Word-processing file. The TOC graphic may be no wider than 9.0 cm and no taller than 3.5 cm as the graphic will be reproduced at 100% of the submission size. Text is limited to the labeling of compounds, reaction arrows, and diagrams. A TOC graphic is not an abstract. The graphic and the title, which will be placed adjacent to the graphic during production, are together meant to attract the reader’s interest without providing specific results. The TOC graphic is subject to approval by the Editor.



Supporting Information


A brief statement in non-sentence format, which describes the material placed in Supporting Information and the means by which the interested reader may obtain it, should be included at the end of the manuscript (after the Acknowledgment and before the References and Footnotes). The following format should be used:

Supporting Information Available: Description of the material included. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at http://photos.or.kr.



Licence to Publish Form

The Licence to Publish Form (Copyright Transfer Form Download)

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