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Rapid Communication in Photoscience (RCP)

Rapid Communication in Photoscience (RCP) is published quarterly by the Korean Society of Photoscience. Its aim is to report both experimental and theoretical researches in rapid communications dealing with all aspects of photosciences. Appropriate subjects include photochemistry, photobiology, photomaterials, photocatalyst, photovoltaic materials and process, photoactive biomolecules, photoinduced electron (charge) and energy transfer, photomedicine, photographic chemistry, photomorphogenesis, photomovement, singlet oxygen in chemistry, biology, and medicine, photonics, quantum dot and nanophotonics, photoreception, photochromic materials and molecular switches, photosensitization, photosynthesis, phototechnology, spectroscopy, ultraviolet radiation effects, and vision. Rapid review processes for submitted manuscripts will be completed within 21 days. Once they have been accepted and proofs corrected by authors, they are published on the web with their volumes and page numbers.

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