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The Korean Society of Oriental Pharmacy

The Korean Society of Oriental Pharmacy
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About The Journal

The Journal of Evidence-Based Herbal Medicine (JEBHM) is a journal that was newly reorganized in 2023 with the origin of the Journal of Oriental Pharmacy, which was published in 2008 to exchange information and promote understanding of the utilization of herbal medicine. JEBHM aims to present a scientific basis for the clinical use of oriental medicine by publishing multidisciplinary research results such as characteristics, efficacy, toxicity, and ADME of oriental medicine based on scientific research techniques. JEBHM is also interested in research on new efficacy of oriental medicine for various diseases in order to broaden the application range of oriental medicine.

JEBHM addresses all issues below.

1) Clinical pharmacology and toxicology  

2) Neurophramacology                                               

3) Endocrine system pharmacology  

4) Metabolic disease

5) Cancer

6) Immunopharmacology and inflammation

7) Infection disease                                                                                

8) Respiratory disease

9) Gastro-intestinal tract disease                                                             

10) Cardiovascular disease

11) Disease of the Genito-urinary tract                                                    

12) Safety pharmacology

13) PK/PD                                                                                            

14) Quality control

15) Organic chemistry

16) Review

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