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The Korean Society of Christian Religious Education

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About The Journal

The Journal of Christian Education in Korea is an international and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that addresses all areas of interest to Christian Education. The journal endeavors to enhance scholarly research, professional development, and situational practice in the various fields of Christian Education.

This publication is distributed by the Korean Society of Christian Religious Education, which has served as a focal point for academics and professionals seeking to improve theological and educational research and practice in South Korea since 1961.

The journal’s goal is to promote scholarly research while fostering critical discourse that integrates theological reflection and practice in the field of Christian Education. The journal is committed to the development of education and formation in faith communities, academic disciplines and institutions, public life, and the global community. We encourage multidisciplinary inquiry into the subject of educational theory, theology, human development, spiritual formation, traditions and trends in religious communities, policies and practices of institutions, models and methods of growth focused on contemporary situations, and other such fields pertaining to Christianity and society.

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