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Institute for Management, School of Management, Kyung Hee Univ.

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About The Journal


ISSN 2466-0043




Asia Pacific Journal of Business Review (APJBR) provides not only business academia, but also professional fields with the holistic and bottomless business knowledge, especially for the business issues in Asia Pacific countries. In particular, the main objectives of APJBR are: (1) to provide empirical evidence to promote theoretical development; (2) to help better understanding of phenomena in the context of business; and (3) to contribute to the development of Asia Pacific economies.


Editorial Statement & Objectives


APJBR, a biannually publication, deals with the theoretical introspection or policy proposal about various issues in the view of business administration since June 2016. The eventual goal of Asia Pacific Journal of Business Review is to help Asia Pacific countries to build win-win cooperation and to search for community academically. Moreover, the study result of Asia Pacific Journal of Business Review will suggest a new paradigm by producing a new discourse and communication. In order to achieve the goal, the specific editorial objectives the followings :


• To collect and disseminate information on new business case in the Asia Pacific countries;

• To provide material for training and education in business in the Asia Pacific countries;

• To encourage further progress in methodologies and applications;                   

• To cover the range of business practices, theories and cases in their use of managerial policies, strategies, and activities for business, public administration, and international organizations.


Positioning of Asia Pacific Journal of Business Research


This journal’s scope is mainly about the business ecology of organizations within Asia-Pacific countries providing good practical case studies and implications to the real-world in order to help develop business strategies based on relevant theories. The topics lie in the following areas. 


• Accounting                                

• Marketing and Consumer Behaviors

• Economics                                

• Operations Management and Research

• Finance                                     

• Service Science

• Strategic and Change Management     

• Information & Technology Management            

• International Business                       

• Hospitality

• Health Service Management                

• Simulation

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