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Korean Society of Ocean Engineers

About The Journal







Journal of Ocean Engineering and Technology (JOET) is a medium for the publication of original research and development work in the field of ocean engineering. JOET covers the entire range of issues and technologies related to the following topics:

   - Ships and offshore platforms:
Design of marine structures; Resistance and propulsion; Seekeeping and maneuvering; Experimental and computational fluid dynamics; Ocean wave mechanics; Fatigue strength; Plasticity; Optimization and reliability; Arctic technology and extreme mechanics; Noise, vibration, and acoustics; Concrete engineering; Thermodynamics and heat transfer; Hydraulics and pneumatics;
   - Coastal civil engineering:
Coastal structures; Port and harbor structures; Soil mechanics; Drilling and exploration; Hydraulics of estuary; Seismic engineering; Coastal disaster prevention engineering;
   - Marine materials:
Metallic materials; Organic materials; Ceramics; Composite materials; Materials properties; Corrosion and Anti-corrosion; Tribology;
   - Ocean renewable energy platforms:
Offshore wind turbines; Wave energy platforms; Tidal current energy platforms; Floating photovoltaic energy platforms;
   - Marine robots:
Robot sensor system; Autonomous navigation; Robot equipments; Spatial information and communications; Underwater network; Design of underwater vehicles;
   - Common areas:
Design for safety; IT-based design; IT-based production engineering; Welding mechanics; Control engineering; GPS and GIS; Inspection and sensor; Port and logistics; Leisure boat and deep see water; Offshore process systems engineering;

 It contains original research articles, case reports, brief communications and reviews on technial issues.
Conference papers, research papers, diploma papers and academic articles can be submitted. All of the manuscripts are peer-reviewed.





Journal Title Journal of Ocean Engineering and Technology
Journal Abbreviation J. Ocean Eng. Technol.
Acronym JOET
Publication Date - Launched in 1987
- Bimonthly (in February, April, June, August, October and December)
Frequency Bimonthly


The Korean Society of Ocean Engineers (KSOE)
Language English
pISSN 1225-0767
eISSN 2287-6715
DOI Prefix 10.26748, 10.5574
Continued By Journal of Ocean Engineering and Technology = 한국해양공학회
Open Access CC-BY-NC (
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Covered By
KCI (Korean Citation Index), CrossRef, Science Cenetral, OAK Cental and Google Scholar, DOAJ
Fund Support This journal was supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies(KOFST) grant funded by the Korean government.
Copyright The Korean Society of Ocean Engineers (KSOE)

JOET is an open access journal currently published online. Therefore, all ocean engineers and researchers around the world can easily access all journal articles via the journal homepage ( and download the PDF-based original texts or view the web-based XML texts for free. Offline annual subscription fee is 100USD. JOET has a system where two or more peer reviewers must review each submitted paper and it is operated very strictly.


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