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Author's Guide


(국문투고자는 첨부문서 다운로드)


• Journal of Music and Human Behavior considers all manuscripts on the strict condition that the manuscript is your own original work, and does not duplicate any other previously published work, including your own previously published work.

• All manuscripts must be submitted electronically to journal@komtea.org


Abstract and keywords

  • An abstract of 200 words should be included.


  • Provide up to five keywords/phrases that describe the contents of the manuscript to help readers find your article via online searches. Keywords will be included as part of the submission process, and also should be placed at the bottom of the abstract.


  • For papers reporting original research, state the primary objective and any hypothesis tested; describe the research design and your reason for adopting that methodology; state the methods and procedures employed, including where appropriate tools and the central experimental interventions; state the main outcomes and results, including relevant data; and state the conclusions that might be drawn from these data and results, including their implications for future research or practice.


  • For review papers, state the primary objective of the review; the reasoning behind your literature selection; and the way you critically analyze the literature; state the main outcomes and results of your review; and state the conclusions that might be drawn, including their implications for further research or application/practice.


  • The content of manuscript should represent the highest standards of research design and scholarly writing. Manuscripts must confirm to the style of Publication Manual of American Psychological Association (6th edition, 2010).


  • Authors should write in clear, readable English, limit the use of passive voice, and avoid excess words.

Manuscript Length

  • Manuscripts are typically 15 ~ 20 pages in length (A4 size)


  • Manuscript longer than 20 pages for which extensive narrative is essential will be considered at the discretion of the editor/editorial committee. Manuscripts significantly longer than 20 pages should be discussed with the editor prior to submission.

Tables and Figures

  • Up to six tables and/or figures may be included. Black and white will be preferred.
  • All tables and figures must be checked for accuracy before submission.
  • Inclusion of tables and/or figures exceeding the maximum number for publication may be discussed prior to submission.


  • All funding sources for the work, including research grant awarding, should be identified in a separate ‘Funding’ section. If there are issues in conflict with any funding agency, we urge you to contact and discuss your situation with the editor at specare@ewha.ac.kr or the editorial office at journal@komtea.org.


  • Any acknowledgements and details of non-financial support must be included at the end of the text before references. Individuals who contribute to the research with support and assistance may be listed.


  • After acceptance, a PDF file of Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author by email. It is the author’s responsibility to check the proof with particular attention to typographical errors and return it to the journal office with answers to any query by the date indicated. Significant changes to the manuscript, other than making typesetting corrections will be only accepted at the editor’s discretion and may be charged if excessive changes are made.


  • Offprints can be ordered by the corresponding author. For the overseas authors requiring copies of offprints, will be sent to the author at extra cost including international shipping fee.


  • If any copyrighted materials are used (music scores, figures and so forth), documentation verifying that the author has permission to use the material must be included.