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Journal Information

This Journal is a refereed journal for the reliability and allied disciplines, such as maintainability, safety, various measures of effectiveness, and related product liability. This journal is published by the Korean Reliability Society.



International Journal of Reliability and Applications aims to promote excellence in reliability theory and application, enable reliability researchers and engineers to be well informed members of the reliability community and society, and contribute to improving the reliability of products including hardware and software.



The journal is published biannually on June 30 and December 31


Peer Review  

The submitted manuscript that does not allow the Instruction for Authors may be rejected before review by referees. Every manuscript received is subject to review by two or three peer reviewers selected by the Editor-in-Chief, Regional Editors, or Editorial board. The review process can be repeated three times if revision is requested by reviewers. If two reviewers do not agree to accept the manuscript, it may not be considered for publication. The review report will be sent to the corresponding authors normally within three months of the receipt of the manuscript.