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pISSN : 2093-8829
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Journal Information

A. Purpose of Publication

- It is the only specialized journal in Korea and overseas that aims to provide comprehensive information on the fields of policy, system, construction, and environmental technology related to land, housing, and city, and it provides a place of multi-disciplinary discussion that deals with policy and technology for experts in the related fields.

- It plans to develop the related research fields in Korea through scientific discussion in the international level and provision of excellent theses.

- It will propelthe technology development of LHI, and contribute to unearthing future strategic business and strategic establishment of promoting middle-to-long term business.


B. Contents

- Academic thesis that describes in-depth academic thesis and creative research results about themes with timeliness in the fields of land, city, and housing.


C. Editorial Committee

- Chairman of the committee: Seung Kyu Ha, the vice president of Chungang  University

- Committee: 42 staffs

- Roles: Examination of the screening results, examination of editing and publication regulations, establishment of development plans for academic journal, and item review related to publication of academic journal

- Operation: hold regular editorial conferences in a year and occasional editorial conference when necessary


D. Year Schedule for Publication

- The first issue: Completed publishing on January 30

- The second issue: Publication on April 30

- The third issue: Publication on July 30

- The fourth issue: Publication on October 30