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Editor in


Seong-Kyu Ha

Professor, Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate,

Chung-Ang University

Housing Policy and Urban Regeneration

Tel : 010-5324-3408

E-mail : ha1234@cau.ac.kr









Man-Hyung Lee

Professor, Department of Urban Engineering,

Chungbuk National University

Urban Planning

Tel : 010-7623-2369

E-mail : manlee@cbu.ac.kr


Soon-Tak Suh

Professor, Department of Urban Administration,

University of Seoul

Land policy, Regional policy

Tel : 010-2417-4536

E-mail : stsuh@uos.ac.kr

Jae Ik Kim

Professor, Department of Urban Planning,

College of Architectural Studies Keimyung University

Urban and Regional Planning

Tel : 010-9114-5278, 053-580-5278

E-mail : kji@gw.kmu.ac.kr


Jin Kwang So

Dean, Graduate School of Social Policy,  Kyungwon University

Regional Development

Tel : 010-3720-4642

E-mail : sojk514@kyungwon.ac.kr

Ho cheol Kim

Professor, School of Urban Planning and Real Estate, Dankook University

Urban and Regional Planning

Tel : 017-278-0673

E-mail : khc2000@dankook.ac.kr


Shin-young Park

Land and Housing Institute public administration

Tel : 010-7559-3691

E-mail : sypark@lh.or.kr

Seong Woo Lee

Professor,Program in Regional Information,

Seoul National University

Regional Development and Planning

Tel : 02-880-4744

E-mail : seonglee@snu.ac.kr









Jong-Lim Kim

Land & Housing Institute

Businesss Management

Tel : 011-777-5689

E-mail : jlkim@lh.or.kr


Euijune Kim

Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics

and Rural Development, Seoul National University

Regional Economics

Tel : 011-9016-2894

E-mail : euijune@snu.ac.kr


Jee In Jang

Professor, Chung-Ang University, College of Business & Economics


Tel : 010-2278-3349

E-mail : jjang@cau.ac.kr


Jun Sang Sohn

Professor, Dept. Business Administration Marketing

Tel : 010-9339-7892

E-mail : sohnjs@daejin.ac.kr

Young-Man Lee

Professor, Department of Real Estate Hansung University, Korea

Real estate economics

Tel : 010-9171-4494, 02-760-4494

E-mail : ymlee@hansung.ac.kr










Tae Hoon Moon

Professor, Dept of Urban Planning & Real Estate Chung Ang University

Environmental Policy and Planning,

System Dynamics, Policy Analysis

Tel : 010-8101-6782

E-mail : sapphire@cau.ac.kr

Homepage : http://cau.ac.kr/~thmoon


Minchang Lee

Chosun University Policy Theory, Regulation Theory, New Institutionalism

Tel : 010-9208-8874

E-mail : savio@chosun.ac.kr

Mack Joong Choi

Professor, Seoul National University

Urban Planning

Tel : 010-3330-0338

E-mail : macks@snu.ac.kr


Deog Seong Oh

Dept of Architecture, chungnam national University

Urban Planning and Design

Tel : 010-5434-9096

E-mail : ds_oh@cnu.ac.kr

In-Sung Lee

Professor, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, University of Seoul

Urban Design

Tel : 010-4210-0968

E-mail : leeis@uos.ac.kr


Duck Bok Lee

LHI Urban & Regional Policy

Tel : 010-5244-4190

E-mail : dblee@lh.or.kr

Jeong Hyun Rho

Professor, Graduate School of Urban Studies

Hanyang University

Transportation Planning

Tel : 010-5413-3907

E-mail : jhrho@hanyang.ac.kr









Eon-Ku Rhee

Professor, Chung-Ang University

Architecture and Environmental Design

Tel : 010-5215-7238

E-mail : ekrhee@cau.ac.kr



Dankook University

Architectural Structure

Tel : 010-7216-5696

E-mail : lanchung@dku.edu

Jungman Lee

Professor, Hanyang University School of Architecture

Architectural design and theory

Tel : 010-3787-7482

E-mail : jmlee@hanyang.ac.kr


Dongwoo Shin

Professor, Ajou University

Construction Engineering & Management

Tel : 010-5260-3630

E-mail : dshin@ajou.ac.kr

Hyun-Soo Lee

Professor, Seoul National University Department of Architecture

Construction Engineering & Management

Tel : 010-3784-7056

E-mail : hyunslee@snu.ac.kr


YoungHo Yoon

Land & Housing Institute

Architectural Engineering

Tel : 010-9275-1625

E-mail : yhyoon@lh.or.kr








Civil Engineering․


Nam-Jae Yoo

Department of Civil Engineering College of Engineering Kangwon National University

Geotechnical Engineering

Tel : 010-9058-6237

E-mail : njyoo@kangwon.ac.kr


Yoon-Ho Cho

ChungAng University Department of Civil Engineering

Tel : 010-9165-8336

E-mail : yhcho@cau.ac.kr

Yeon-Soo Jang

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Dongguk University

Geotechnical Engineering

Tel : 011-9757-3266

E-mail : ysjang@dongguk.edu


Wookeun Bae

Hanyang University Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Tel : 010-3769-7683

E-mail : wkbae@hanyang.ac.kr

Jin-Keun Kim

Dept. of Civil&Environmental Engineering, KAIST

Structure Engineering

Tel : 011-259-3110

E-mail : kimjinkeun@kaist.ac.kr


Do-Heun Lee

Land & Housing Institute

Civil Engineering

Tel : 010-6233-8065

E-mail : dhlee3@lh.or.kr





Task Force


Hyeon Joo Lee

LHI Senior Research Fellow

Geography, Industral Park development

Tel : 010-3729-5283

E-mail : lhjpeal@lh.or.kr


Sung Bok Lee

LHI Senior Research Fellow

Architectural Material & Construction

Tel : 011-9888-3184

E-mail : leebok@lh.or.kr

Jeong Ran Yun

LHI Research Fellow

Urban Planning

Tel : 010-2616-0412

E-mail : yir412@lh.or.kr


Jung Hyun Yoo

LHI Assistant Research Fellow

Architectural Environment

Tel : 010-9741-1288

E-mail : jhyoo@lh.or.kr

Sang Hun Lee

LHI Research Fellow

U-City U-Home IT

Tel : 010-4753-0836

E-mail : icarus@lh.or.kr


Youngjong Sim

LHI Assistant Research Fellow

Geotechnical Engineering

Tel : 010-4620-5975

E-mail : yjsim@lh.or.kr





Research Support 


Sang-Gu Nam

LHI Director Director

Tel : 011-211-1703

E-mail : sanggun@lh.or.kr


Ina Seo

LHI Assistant Manager

Business Support

Tel : 010-2951-3391

E-mail : seoina2lh.or.kr

jung-ik Kim

LHI General Manager

Regional Planning

Tel : 010-4724-3518

E-mail : jkim@lh.or.kr