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pISSN : 1976-913X
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Journal of Information Processing Systems (JIPS)

From submission to final print: less than 6 months ISSN : 1976-913X(Print)
ISSN : 2092-805X(Online)

JIPS Overview

The Journal of Information Processing Systems (JIPS) is the official international journal of the Korea Information Processing Society (KIPS).


The Journal of Information Processing Systems is committed to publishing high-quality papers on the state-of-the-art of information processing systems.
Theoretical research contributions presenting new techniques, concepts, or analyses, reports on experiences
and experiments of implementation and application of theories, and tutorials on new technologies and trends are all welcome.
The subjects covered by the journal include all topics related to a) computer system and theory; b) multimedia system and graphics;
c) communication system and security; d) software system and application.
Divisions Technical field

Division A
(Computer System and Theory)

Computational Theory, Grid/Clustering Computing, Middleware, Multimedia Theory
(Synchronization, Indexing, Compacting),
Parallel/Distributed Processing Theorym, Computer System Applications.
Dibision B
(Multimedia System and Graphice)
Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Voice Processingm, Natural Language Processing,
Multimedia, Human Computer Interfacem, Pattern Recognition, Computer Graphics,
Semantic Web, Web Services.
Dibision C
(Communication System and Security)
Internet Computing, network Systems and Devices, Wireless/Ad-hoc/Sensor Networks,
Network Modeling and Simulation, Network Management Techniques, Telecommunications,
Communication Protocols, Transmission Techniques, Communication Systems,
Digital Rights Management, Security, Enccryption and Crytographty, Compression and Coding.
Dibision D
(Information System and Application)
Database, Software Engineeringm, E-commerce, Data Mining, Information Retrieval,
Computer Education.
In order to disseminate the recent technological advancements as quickly as possible, the submitted papers will be printed in less than 6 months if accepted.