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Vol 15 No1  8 December 2014

· paper
Keywords :  Asymptotic normal, consistent,, efficiency,, Hollender and Proschan test, NBUL, classes of life distributions
Author(s) :  M. KH Hassan,  M. M Mohie El-Din,  S. E Abu-Youssef
Keywords :  Convolution,, hypothesis test, mixture,, Poisson shock model, U-statistic
Author(s) :  M. A. W Mahmoud,  A. M Gadallah
Keywords :  Accelerated lfe test, Burr type-XII distribution, modified step-stress, multiobjective
Author(s) :  P. W. Srivastava
Keywords :  Failure-interval-failure-criterion model, imperfect repair, multi-component, Quasi-renewal processes, system reliability, warranty cost
Author(s) :  Minjae Park
Keywords :  Hazard rate, maximum likelihood estimates, mean inactivity time, mean residual life, moment estimation, reversed hazard rate, stochastic order
Author(s) :  Arwa M. Alshingiti,  M Kayid,  H Aldossary