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Vol 16 No3  5 October 2016

· Paper
Keywords :  Daily peak load forecasting, locally, weighted polynomial neural network, polynomial neural network, locally, weighted regression
Author(s) :  Jungwon Yu,  Sungshin Kim
Keywords :  fuzzy control, one wheel robot, balancing control, gyroscopic force
Author(s) :  Sang D Lee,  Seul Jung
Keywords :  Time Series, Neuro, Fuzzy, Water Treatment Plant, Residual Chlorine
Author(s) :  HoHyun Lee,  GangWook Shin,  SungTaek Hong,  JongWoong Choi,  MyungGeun Chun
Keywords :  lithography hotspot detection, convolutional neural network
Author(s) :  Moojoon Shin,  Jee-Hyong Lee
Keywords :  Lukasiewicz three, valued logic, modality, the soundness, the completeness
Author(s) :  Cungen Cao,  Yuefei Sui
Keywords :  Quotient Space Theory, Granular Computing, RVM, Grey Model
Author(s) :  Young Im Cho
Keywords :  Three, phase inverter, Feature extraction, Fault detection, Fault diagnosis, Matlab/Simulink.
Author(s) :  Muhammad Talha,  Furqan Asghar,  Sung Ho Kim
Keywords :  Fork type lifter system, Transportation mobile robot, Kalman filter, Adaptive controller, PID controller
Author(s) :  Vui Van Nguyen,  Luat Huu Tran,  Yong Tae Kim
Keywords :  Intuitionistic Fuzzy sets, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrix, Idempotent Matrix
Author(s) :  Riyaz Padder,  P Murugadas