eISSN : 2288-8985
pISSN : 1225-0163
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   Korean Society of Analytical Science

About Analytical Science & Technology



Journal Title : Analytical Science & Technology

Journal Abbreviation :  Anal. Sci. Technol.

ISSN : 1225-0163 (Print)     2288-8985 (Online)

Publication Date : Vol 1. No. 1 (1988~)

Frequency : Bi-monthyl

Language : Korean / English

Publisher : The Korean Society of Analytical Science

DOI Prefix : 10.5806

Access : Free (Open) access

Electronic Links :   

  1. http://koreascience.or.kr/journal/AboutJournal.jsp?kojic=BGHHBN

  2. http://ksci.kisti.re.kr/browse/subjVolume.ksci?browseBean.titSeq=BGHHBN  

  3. http://www.kpubs.org/journal/journalInfo.kpubs?kojic=BGHHBN  


Aims and scope 

  • Analytical Science & Technology(Anal.Sci.Technol., AS&T) provides a forum of original, previously unpublished research on the development and application of analytical science in the study of chemistry, environment, material science, phamacology,  agricuture and food science. The journal is an the official journal of the Korean Society of Analytical Science(KSAS) founded in 1988. It contains peer-reviewed, original research articles, short communation, note and review on the fundamentals, technicial information and it's application of analytical science. 
  • The AS&T's aim is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all the related areas of analytical science. It is distributed bi-monthly by KSAS. The official title of the journal is 'Analytical Science & Tehchnology' and the abbreviated tiltle is 'Anal. Sci. Technol.'.  
  • The journal was supported by Korea Research Foundation since 12 December 2000, and is also indexed in Korean Citation Index beginning with 12 December 2004.