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Score of the Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow
  The Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow is an international, peer-reviewed journal and the official journal of Korean Society of Shoulder and Elbow. It is published twice every year in June and December, with articles in English or in Korean with English abstracts.
  The purpose of the CiSE are to contribute to the management of and education about Shoulder and Elbow and advancement of research through the sharing of scientific information on the latest developments in Shoulder and Elbow among international societies and to promote communication regarding Shoulder and Elbow problems and patients care. It covers all fields of clinical Shoulder and Elbow and basic research related to Shoulder and Elbow.
  All submissions are processed on line. The Journal published papers on basic and clinical researches, focusing on areas such as the etiology and epidemiology, biomechanics and pathogenesis, management and surgery, complication and prognosis for disease of Shoulder and Elbow. The manuscripts in the following categories will be submitted: such as original articles, case reports, invited review articles, editorials and letters to the Editor. The publication is determined by the editiors and peer reviewers, who the experts in their specific fields of Shoulder and Elbow researches.