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Editor’s & Reviewer’s Guide

  • 1. Receipt of Manuscript
  • - File format in MS word and pdf specifying title, abstract, key words, authors, and article type & areas in English.
  • - All manuscript should be submitted to Editor-in-Chief, Editor (English), Editor (Korean) and Managing Editor through manuscript submission web page.
  • 2. Selection of Associate Editor (within a week of receipt)
  • - Within 3 days of receiving the manuscript after Managing Editor’s confirmation of the field and language of the manuscript, the manuscript is transmitted to one of Editors through web site and the transmission is known by e-mail to the Editor.
  • - The Editor appoints an associate editor who is responsible for the review process of the manuscript.
  • 3. Requesting Review (within two weeks of receipt)
  • - Associate Editor selects at least three reviewers.
  • - Associate Editor sends the manuscript to selected reviewers and asks for evaluation via e-mail. In case when reviewer declines the request, Associate Editor selects another reviewer.
  • 4. Review (within 6 weeks of receipt)
  • - Reviews should be returned within the requested or agreed on time frame, usually 4 weeks for regular papers.
  • - Reviewer has to check the followings at the reviewer’s web page
  • (1) Is this work a new and original contribution?   Yes (  ) No (  )
    (2) Are the title and abstract adequate and informative?
    If not, please suggest a new title:
      Yes (  ) No (  )
    (3) Is the work fundamentally or technically significant?   Yes (  ) No (  )
    (4) Is the paper clearly presented and well organized?   Yes (  ) No (  )
    (5) Does the paper give adequate references to related and recent work?   Yes (  ) No (  )
    (6) Have significant parts of the manuscript already been published?   Yes (  ) No (  )
    (7) Should all the materials be included in the final publication?   Yes (  ) No (  )
    (8) Does this paper include timely very urgent subjects and substances?   Yes (  ) No (  )
    (9) Is the scope of the paper appropriate for JSST?   Yes (  ) No (  )
  • - Reviewer is recommended to write Confidential Comments to Editor at the review web page.
  • - Reviewers can upload the review result by the file attachment at the review web page.
  • - The reviewer can choose one of the following recommendations;
    (1) Accept, (2) Minor Revision, (3) Major Revision, (4) Reject
  • 5. Decision making of the review
  • - Associate Editor decides the overall recommendation of the manuscript which is based on the reviewers’ recommendations and sends the recommendation of decision to Editor. Editor sends the decision letter along with the review results to the corresponding author.
  • - The following guideline is recommendable for the decision making.
  • (1) The manuscript is accepted for publication when two reviewers recommend ‘accept’.
  • (2) The manuscript is rejected when two reviewers recommend ‘reject’.
  • (3) When Associate Editor assigns ‘major revision’ following by reviewers’ recommendations, Editor can ask revision to corresponding author and process second round review.
  • (4) When two review assigns ‘minor revision’ and one review assigns ‘accept’, Associate Editor can ask revision to Authors and can accept the manuscript after proper revision without second round review.
  • 6. Second Round Review
  • - Upon receiving the revised manuscript, the assigned Associate Editor sends the revised manuscript to three reviewers. Usually the reviewers are same at first round review process, however the reviewer can be changed.
  • - Reviews should be returned within the requested or agreed on time frame, usually 2 weeks for regular papers of second round review.

7. The final result is confirmed by Editor-in-Chief