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Information for Authors

1. The manuscript should be submitted through online(http://acoms.kisti.re.kr/, jsstec.org).

2. Ethical guideline: The authors must follow the international standards for publication (http://publicationethics.org/international-standards-editors-and-authors). 

3. The submitted manuscript must be the original work of the author(s) about sensors and must not be published elsewhere.

4. The submitted manuscript will be evaluated by editors and editors can request revisions, changes and supplements of the manuscript.

5. The manuscript can be submitted at any time and the date of receipt of manuscript is the date of submission of manuscript.

6. The manuscript can be written either in English or in Korean.

7. If the manuscript is written in Korean, the title, author(s), affiliation(s), abstract, table(s), figure(s), and references should be written in English.

8. The author’s name should be written in the first name followed by last name.

9. All papers must be typewritten double-spaced using a 10 point font size on A4-sized paper using MS Word. All papers should be submitted using a template available at http://acoms.kisti.re.kr/, www.sensors.or.kr.

10. In the case of the manuscript for evaluation, any author’s information should be disclosed to the reviewer. In the case of the manuscript for publication, identify the title, name of the author, institutional affiliation, information(e-mail, address, postal code, phone number, mobile phone number, fax number) of corresponding author in sequence in the cover.

11. J. Sensor Sci. & Tech. is published 6 times a year by the Korean Sensors Society on last day of odd months.

12. The Korean Sensors Society has the copyright of every submitted manuscript approved for publication in this journal.

13. The manuscript should be prepared using the templates provided. English template (for submission, for publication), Korean template(투고용,게재용).

14. The manuscript should be prepared carefully according to the checklist for article (Download<-Click Here).

15. Any author’s information should not be included in the manuscript for review.

16. The response to referees should be uploaded on others among choices under submission category.

17. Please confirm notices above before submitting the manuscript. It is impossible to amend the manuscript after submission.

18. The first and corresponding authors should be the members of The Korean Sensors Society.

19. Publication charge for the accepted paper is KW 30,000 per page up to 6 printed page and KW 50,000 per page form the 7th page. The charge for express publication is KW 60,000 per page.


20. Copyright Agreement (Download<-Click Here) should be submitted after the manuscript is accepted.


21. If there is doubt of plagiarism and multiple publications, the research ethics committee should investigate ethical issues of published paper. The editor should retract unethical papers based on the investigation of research ethics committee.